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Something to Say

AAC, Language and Speech Therapy

We are a family centered practice that focuses on building relationships to support communication. We provide Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Language and Speech Therapy services in San Jose and neighboring cities. We believe that everyone has something to say and everyone deserves to be understood.


A Family-Centered Practice

Everyone has something to say. Just because a person cannot express themselves clearly or effectively with speech does not mean they have nothing to say. We work with your family to find your child's voice and support you in learning how to help them communicate.

Goals are developed to be functional and relevant to the child and family. Parents, family members, teachers, and others therapists can be included in therapy to guide them in supporting communication in everyday routines.  Therapy and evaluations are individualized based on your child and family's needs and interests. 


Whether you're looking for private therapy services for your own child or school-based consultation for your students, we can help.


Clinical Services

We provide AAC, language, speech therapy and consult.

School Services

We provide school-based direct therapy, assessment, indirect consultation services and training for schools.

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